Saturday, October 22, 2011

My little COW

The local chicken place was having a dress up like a cow get free food. Well everyone knows I'm a sucker for free food. Luckily Laura had a lamb costume at church at looks like a cow. Plus the last time we were there we picked up a hat (cow ears) and some spot sticker. The results free food and the cutest cow in Oklahoma!!!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Jensen 7 months

Ah that face!! How to not fall in love with it!! I think I am a photographer every now and then so we do photo shoots in the living room with natural light. Jensen is really fun right now the laughs and giggles!! And of course those beautiful baby blues. Everyone talks about his eyes. No one in our families has blue eyes so we love them!! There is lots of drool and we still have hope for teeth but still not a one in sight!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Making cookies

We were making sugar cookies!!!! He is a great help in the kitchen, when he wants to!!! But this we great fun!!!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Day School

This fall 2011 Pierson, Jensen and I all started day school. Dayschool is a school at our church. We had been thinking about putting Pierson in it this year. Then I recived a phone call from the director and asked to teach. I was so excited!!! This meant that Jensen would start school too. Was I ready for that?? NO!!! but willing to try it out. The teacher next door to me Allison her daughter goes too. She and Pierson are there before and after school. She likes to read to Pierson and of course he loves it!!!
My class started with 7 but is now at 5. It was REALLY hard the first month but has gotten so much better since then.
Jensen is doing pretty well. They dont take naps so it is hard on him. He is normally tired or yawning in the morning. His teacher does a great job with him and he is literally growing on her. She wears him in a wrap during the day. I think they rock each other by the end of the day.

Sunday, June 5, 2011


OK so we had a great tornado scare the other day. I was at home with the boys and wasnt sure when to be concerned so I finally woke both boys up and we had our snack in the closet. I figure it was the safest place. Shortly after that Peter came home from work early and all was fine. One of his co-workers lost their house in the storm. We went out on Saturday and helped with the clean up. It was crazy hot but seeing all the devestation made it worth it. I walked up and down the street praying for people because there was just so much devestation and loss I was unsure of what else to do but pray. The fields looked like you had sprinkled cars everywhere. A very good lesson in stuff is stuff.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Update for the workout get healthy me

Well I have joined a gym and started going to classes since I last wrote! YUPPIE!! good news to report! I have lost a couple of pounds but am feeling better about myself. I have a couple of friends that I can go to the gym with so that really helps. I have to say that Katie gets the prize so far because she goes to the classes and so I go. It helps to have someone that will ask where you were if you arent there.

Next I work on my eating! That is what I think is killing me currently. I am also in the process of getting Jensen on the bottle so that will help alittle.

Heres a couple of pics from recently

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A New Day

Okay so I hate to write about starting to eat healthy or be on a diet or lose weight because this is concret. As in I can look back at this and see how long it has been since I wanted to start something. ACCOUTABLITY!! Yup sounds weird but it is true for me!!

So here goes nothing!! I want to lose weight and start to feel better about my self. I know what everyone says "give your self a year. it took 9 months to put on the weight 12 months to take it off" or "you look great". But I am just not to believing either of those yet. I know that I am nursing and "they" (whoever THEY are) say that your body will tend to keep about 10 pounds on while nursing!! I dont see that happen to everyone so I want to be the one that it doesnt happen too. I did Weight Watchers before I was pregnant and I lost about 15lbs. I loved it when I got down to my goal weight. Then we moved and I lost my WW buddy and then about 6 months later I was pregnant. I did lose all the weight with Pierson, gained 50 and lost it. I only gained 40 with Jensen and yet to lose 20.

I really dont have time to workout. I would love to run and train for a half marathon or even a 5k. I know crazy excuse but when nursing you really dont want to go for a jog!!! With Jensen changing his schedule so often right now I have been more tired lately. I think I'm not getting enough of the deep REM sleep, but who knows. In my spare time and yes I do have some in the day I want to craft!! or clean!!! I know that if I exercise I will feel better and have more energy--duh!!

I only nursed Pierson for about 2 or 3 months so I have had a taste of freedom. Not in a bad way but just in a good non-tied down way!! I want to try and keep up nursing till a year but day by day we will see. In saying all that I dont feel like I could workout at any old time. Maybe I'm wrong but thats how I feel. Okay enough ranting and excuses. Today March 22, 2011 I want to lose 20lbs. It took me 15 weeks to lose 15 so lets say 3 months goal.